Friday, 19 March 2010


Taunton High Street

Keith pulled! - This lady wants to take him away to a hotel in Sidmouth!!

The Our Place Your Place shop

Bev Susan and Keith were lucky enough this week to make the trip to Taunton to visit the partner project there.

We had a great visit, stayed in a lovely hotel, ate some great food and met some really friendly people.

The staff at Taunton were really helpful and gave some useful insight about their project.

They did some very interesting work on the heritage of Taunton, its history and the plans for future regeneration.

I think that Robbie and her team were a little overwhelmed once Bev and Susan warmed up and blasted them with the tempestuous force that is there enthusiasm!!!!

We did some activities as you can see from the photographs and had a good time. Notice that there's yet another photo of Bev with a brew in her hand!

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  1. lol... you always take photos of me with brew in hand...yep we had a great time and nearly brought home all of the farmers market.
    Thanks to Robbie for a great lunch and in fact I am just about to make a bew... with my 'teapigs'...